Behavior Based Safety
Course Length: 4hrs | CFR Reference: Industry Best Practice | Course Required: By Employer

The Behavior Based Safety course teaches behavior-based safety, which recognizes unsafe or at-risk behaviors as a frequent cause of both minor and serious injuries. Recognizing safe behavior and supporting employees to understand consequences of being safe. Proven statistics have shown human error is the leading cause of all incidents.

The aim of the behavior-based approach is to reduce the occurrence of at-risk behavior by modifying such behaviors through observation, feedback, and positive interventions.

Course Objectives 
Upon completion of the Behavioral-Based Safety course, the student will be familiar with:


  • Self-assessment and introduction to the awareness of others' behavior activators

  • Define behavior-based safety

  • Understanding how culture, experience and personality affect behavior

  • Critical behaviors and barriers to safety 

  • Awareness level discussion of motivation 

  • The basic principles of behavior-based safety 

  • The benefits of a behavior-based safety process

Written Exam
Written and hands-on competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

As required by company.

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