A Compliance Audit is used to evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of a facilities written programs. An effective audit should:

  • Highlight the strengths of your PSM/ARM program

  • Expose any elements that need improvement in your PSM/ARM program

  • Identify any areas where you can be subject to OSHA citations

  • Establish an audit recommendation report and tracking form 

The audit should include reviewing your program documents, onsite tour of the facility and interview with employees involved in the process. 

Facilities are required to perform a Compliance Audit every 3 years and certify that the audit evaluated compliance with the provisions of OSHA Safety Management Standard.  


When a governmental auditor arrives at a facility, planned or unplanned, they want to review your programs, look for gaps, make sure programs are up to date as well as being implemented. Any deficiencies are potential citations.

Compliance Audit.jpeg

Protexus auditors will do a thorough audit of your program elements. We want to work with the facility to make sure documentation reflects how the facility is actually implementing the program. It is very common for facilities to have documents that are “cookie cutter” and don’t actually reflect how the facility is implementing their program.


Our auditors have been involved in actual EPA/OSHA audits and we know what they are looking for in your facilities written programs. We will share this firsthand information with our clients.



Clients sometimes want to have their program reviewed prior to the formal audits required under PSM/ARM. Preforming these analysis allows a company to get a full view of the status of their documentation before an official audit. 


It can tell a company:


  • where we are currently in our documentation for compliance;

  • where we wish to be;

  • and how are we going to close the gap.


Performing a gap analysis is informal and is not reported or documented as a formal PSM audit.

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