PSM Compliance Audit - To be certain process safety management is effective, employers must certify that they have evaluated compliance with the provisions of PSM at least every 3 years. This will verify that the procedures and practices developed under the standard are adequate and are being followed.


The Compliance Audit must be conducted by at least one person knowledgeable in the process and a report of the findings of the audit must be developed and documented noting deficiencies that have been corrected. The two most recent compliance audit reports must be kept on file.


PROTEXUS performs Compliance Audits to verify that the procedures and practices developed under the PSM standard are adequate and being followed. 


Anhydrous Ammonia is frequently used as a refrigerant in food production, distribution, and warehousing operations. In addition, it serves as a common farm fertilizer sold by farm supply companies, farm cooperatives (co-ops), and related agricultural businesses. In particular, companies that store more than 10,000 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia are required to comply with EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations and OSHA's PSM program.


Businesses with commercial refrigeration systems that use and store the refrigerant anhydrous ammonia, such as cold storage, retail grocers, wholesale food distribution, and related warehousing and transportation companies, continue to face enforcement scrutiny from OSHA and EPA.


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