OSHA and EPA require a facility to document the Maximum Intended Inventory of the hazardous chemical onsite. The meaning of maximum intended inventory is the maximum chemical inventory that a facility intends to utilize (have onsite) to operate the equipment. Many vessels within a refrigeration system are designed to operate partially filled with liquid or completely full of vapor (e.g. oil separators) during normal operation. The maximum intended inventory is not the inventory of ammonia that could be contained if all vessels, pipe, and equipment were filled to 100% capacity with liquid as this scenario would never be “intended”. 


A facility also has to document the actual ammonia quantity that is maintained at your facility in the equipment. 


Protexus engineers can provide the maximum intended inventory and actual inventory calculations for your facility. When we come onsite, our engineers will gather the equipment information and piping lengths used to provide the calculations. Or our engineers can work remotely with facility personnel to obtain the information. 


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