A Hazard Review is a thorough, orderly and systematic approach for identifying, evaluating, and controlling the hazards of processes involving highly hazardous chemicals. Facilities are required to review the hazards associated with the regulated substance(s) to identify possibilities of equipment malfunction or human error, and the steps needed to monitor or detect releases. 

Both OSHA’s and EPA’s General Duty Clauses require facilities to identify the hazards using appropriate hazard assessment techniques which is what the Hazard Review provides. The frequency is to complete an initial and when there are changes to the system, personnel changes and accident history.


The Hazard Review should identify all failure scenarios that could lead to significant ammonia exposure of workers, the public, or the environment. 


Protexus Hazard Review leaders are knowledgeable in the What-If/Checklist methodology utilized in the industry.


Our leaders can lead Hazard Reviews for design, initial, and re-validations. We develop and provide the facility with a tracking and prioritization system to resolve any findings.

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