PROTEXUS mechanical integrity inspectors are experienced ammonia refrigeration professionals trained to identify potential risks within the ammonia refrigeration system. PROTEXUS ensures our Mechanical Integrity inspections are sufficient to document the reliability of the facilities ammonia refrigeration system and provide inspection and testing of pipe and equipment for compliance with OSHA 1910.119(j) and EPA 40 CFR Part 68.


Because PROTEXUS follows “Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices” (RAGAGEP), and International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) recommended practices. Our inspectors follow the same scope of work for both a five year and an annual inspection.


PROTEXUS prides itself on providing the best inspection possible based on industry recommendations and standards.All items (Process Safety Information) such as Manufacturer, Make, Model, Serial Number, National Board Number, Year Built, etc. related to the inspection and testing will be recorded on the visual inspection check list. PROTEXUS will verify information matches information on U1As and/or other manufacturer information (if provided).



A visual inspection will be performed on all equipment including: pressure vessels, compressors, condensers, evaporators, ammonia pumps and motors, purgers, ice makers, freezers, etc.

A visual inspection will be performed on pipe associated with equipment or control stations. (i.e. One visual inspection checklist will be used to document the pipe findings for the pipe associated with Compressor 1 Pipe ID would be (CMP1 AP).

Relief Valves:

PROTEXUS will document all Relief Valves on pipe and associated components on inspection forms. Manufacturer, Model, Size, SCFM, and install date will be noted on the RV List.


All valves and control valves will have a visual inspection; however, they WILL NOT be listed individually on the visual inspection form or entered into the database. Valves and control valves with findings and recommendations will be documented on the pipe inspection checklist.  



Checked field options are Acceptable, Unacceptable, Not Applicable and Not Inspected. Items inspected that are found to be Unacceptable will be reported in the Findings and Recommendations report for corrective action. Each recommendation will have a Risk Ranking of:

  • 1 = High Priority 

  • 2 = Moderate Priority 

  • 3 = Low Priority 

Any safety critical items will be communicated immediately upon notice so it can be addressed before the final report.


A General Safety Inspection checklist will also be performed by PROTEXUS Inspectors in accordance with the IIAR General Safety Inspection bulletin.  Deficiencies noted on the General Safety Inspection will also be noted in the PSM PRO® Status Report.



PROTEXUS Inspectors will take a photograph of each item that has a deficiency.  Photographs associated with items will be attached in the report with the Finding and Recommendation. The photo is utilized to document the severity of the finding as well as the location of the component. PROTEXUS will sign a Confidentiality Statement to ensure photos are used for the sole purpose of inspection findings of the ammonia system.


Un-insulated and Insulated pipe and vessels may require Ultrasonic Testing, as deemed necessary, by PROTEXUS Inspectors based on deficiencies noted during the visual inspection.


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