Mechanical Integrity inspections are a component of the PSM program. The MI inspection is required annually on all ammonia refrigeration equipment. Every fifth (5th) year, at a minimum, the annual inspection is to be conducted by a qualified inspector who shall not be influenced by the facility’s record keeping, operations, maintenance, or management. The inspector shall not present a conflict of interest and shall report instances of deficiencies.


Because safety and compliance are our only concern, Protexus inspectors will provide an inspection where you know we have no conflict of interest and the inspector will provide you with a true and accurate visual inspection of your system.   


Protexus’ team of mechanical integrity inspectors have years of experience in the ammonia refrigeration industry. They go into each facility knowing the responsibility they have to inspect the ammonia refrigeration system to ensure the safety of the facilities personnel and the surrounding community.

Because Protexus follows “Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices” (RAGAGEP), and International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) recommended practices, our inspectors perform the same thorough inspection for both the five year and an annual inspection.

Protexus prides itself on providing the best inspection possible based on industry recommendations and standards. 


Protexus performs all MI inspections utilizing our VITA application. The VITA application allows for a quicker and more uniform inspection process. Your facility information is input into our PSM PRO software and the VITA application utilizes the data to create the inspection checklist for the refrigeration equipment. We developed our checklist based on ANSI/IIAR 6, Ammonia Refrigeration Safety Inspection Checklist and the many years of experience of our Mechanical Integrity inspectors.


VITA is an application module of our PSM PRO software that is also available to our clients. Facility personnel can easily perform annual inspections using the same VITA application used by the Protexus inspectors. This promotes consistency of the annual and five year inspections.

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