PROTEXUS understands better than most that the excellence of any service commences in quality and the implementation of detailed and effective inspection procedures, state-of-the-art equipment and, most of all, our professional people.

PROTEXUS trains and certifies NDT Inspectors to determine areas of concern and help protect your assets including production, processing plants, piping systems, pressure vessels, storage tanks, nurse tanks, and other process related equipment.

PROTEXUS works with the facility contact to determine areas of concern. It is our goal to provide as little, or as much, non-destructive testing as the Inspectors and facility engineers determine is necessary to identify areas that may be suspect for future leaks and releases.


Testing is done on both insulated and non-insulated piping. At locations where insulation will be disturbed to permit NDT testing, the insulation will be promptly repaired/replaced/resealed to ensure a proper vapor barrier and insulation jacket following the NDT testing. In addition, cold vessels such as recirculators, suction traps, surge drums, oil pots, and other system vessels that routinely drip, sweat, or are insulated are tested. Ammonia lines around rooftop condensers which routinely get wet from condenser mist should be tested. A representative number of locations are identified for initial testing based on the size, use, and history of the system e.g. (older equipment and lines shall be targeted). NDT can be done in conjunction with your Mechanical Integrity Inspection.


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