OSHA and EPA regulations require Operating Procedures be developed for all equipment in the ammonia refrigeration system. The purpose of Operating Procedures is to provide clear instructions for the operation of Anhydrous Ammonia systems.


Operating Procedures are to address each operating phase:

  • Initial startup

  • Normal operating

  • Temporary operating

  • Normal shutdown

  • Emergency shutdown

  • Emergency operation

  • Startup following abnormal shutdown conditions or turnarounds


Operating Procedures also need to include:

  • Consequences of deviation and steps required to correct or avoid deviation

  • Properties of ammonia

  • Precautions necessary to prevent exposure to ammonia

  • Measures to take if exposed to ammonia

  • Control of the ammonia inventory level

  • Safety systems and their functions


Protexus will work with plant personnel to develop the Operating Procedures for your facility. Operating Procedures should outline the steps of operating the equipment the way your facility uses that equipment. Clear operating procedures are a key training tool for new operators as well as provide refresher training for your seasoned operators.

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