According to OSHA, PSM refers to a set of connected management approaches intended to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents resulting from chemical releases. PSM programs have many moving parts: process safety leadership, risk identification, assessment and management, and continuous reviews and improvement plans. In order to maintain and sustain effective PSM Programs, you must have a proper solution in place.

Protexus' Compliance Specialist's can help your facility by:


  • Assisting with the development of your PSM Program

  • Working with your team to review the current PSM Program to ensure it aligns with the way your company implements your PSM Program

Governmental auditors want to ensure that a company’s PSM Program has all the proper documentation and that the documentation reflects how your company implements the PSM elements. Our auditors can work with you to get your program updated. We can provide a full PSM program or just assist you with any areas of PSM that you have deficiencies.

The 14 Elements of PSM as defined by OSHA 1910.119 are:


Facilities that have anhydrous ammonia  in quantities under 10,000 pounds are not subject to PSM and RMP requirement; however, they are subject to both OSHA and EPA’s General Duty Clauses.  


OSHA’s General Duty Clause requires an employer to “furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees.


Facilities subject to the EPA’s General Duty Clause have the following three duties:


  • Identify and assess hazards of release of extremely hazardous substances

  • Design and maintain a safe facility to prevent those release

  • Minimize the consequences of those releases

Our Compliance Team utilizes IIAR’s Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) Program as guidance for the development of your management program. The ARM Program is a voluntary program designed to help facilities with small amounts (under 10,000 lbs.) of anhydrous ammonia manage their ammonia refrigeration system in a safe and responsible manner.


Protexus’ Compliance Specialist will work with facility personnel to develop the written elements that are applicable to your program.


The ARM Programs contains twelve suggested elements that facilities should consider including in their program.


The 12 elements are:

  • Management System

  • Refrigeration System Documentation

  • Hazard Review Plan

  • Operating Procedures

  • Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Training Program

  • Self-Audit Plan

  • Incident Investigation Plan

  • Contractor Program

  • Emergency Plan

  • Hazard Assessment

  • Managing Change Plan

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