The Visual Inspection Tablet Application (VITA) is an online Windows© based Inspection Application integrated in to the PSM PRO interface. VITA is designed to stream line your Annual Visual Mechanical Integrity inspection process. VITA provides the Inspector full control of detailing findings identified during their inspection, including imaging documentation. Offering a “Off line” equipment detail collection and Bulletin 109 Q&A completion process allows your inspectors to travel throughout your facility without maintaining an internet connection. This allows the inspector to continue inspecting equipment no matter where they are. Once the users system comes back “Online” all the inspection work can be synchronized with your existing PSM PRO database. Multiple inspectors can be working in different areas of your facility simultaneously, resulting in speedier inspection process.


  • Cleaner Bulletin 109 print reports

  • Consistency in findings and recommendations

  • Final Summary and Detailed Finding Reports available as Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF exportable file formats 

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